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More keto snacks!

As I’ve become more into this life-style change and have lost about 10 lbs in 4 weeks (AHMAZZZZZING) I’ve been really looking for good snacks and sweets since that’s my vice, I had to find some I liked. I finally feel like I found the “thing” for myself. I feel good, my lactose intolerance is under control and hasn’t bothered me with the amount of dairy I’ve been eating which is insane.

Onto the snacks!

These Quest PB cups were WAY better than expected. They had a similar texture to Reese cups given that they’re protein cups. They also aren’t chalky or bitter which is really nice given they are low carb.

9/10– because I LOVE Reese cups.

Bentons Cookies are my next review. Let me tell you, these Keto friendly cookies they have are SO GOOD! The chocolate chip cookies remind me of the mini Chips Ahoy cookies that are some of my favorite. In line with my waste less lifestyle I use the crumbs to top my greek yogurt parfaits for a sweet treat every so often. I even found a bag of the snickerdoodle, kind of hesitant but let me tell you GRAB EVERY BAG YOU CAN FIND AT ALDI’S. They are actually great and sweet and make a great snack.

8/10– only because there can be a lot of crumbs in the bag and that’s disappointing.


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