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Chicken Tikka Masala

To keep things interesting I always need to add a sauce or throw a low-carb spin on things and tonight was no exception. I needed easy, fast, and delicious. Looking in my pantry I saw a God send, Tikka Masala sauce. Now, nothing beats the homemade kind from scratch but this is perfect to add a little flair to your dinner. Since it’s low carb it will be stuffed in a pepper and cauliflower rice added to the mix, like a stuffed pepper but better.

To start, turn your oven on to 350F. Cut the top off of a green pepper, or however many you need. (I prepared this for 1 since my boyfriend can’t eat super acidic foods.) Put the pepper on a cookie sheet with sides and add about 1/3 c of water to the pan, it’ll help steam it. Dice the top of the pepper (I don’t like to waste anything, LOL.)

Cut your chicken into bite sized pieces, season with salt, pepper, and onion powder.

Put a medium sauce pan on medium heat with some vegetable oil, once heated put the chicken into the pan and lightly brown the chicken. Once they are lightly browned add your Tikka sauce, I like Aldi’s simmer sauce. Then I add the diced green pepper from the top of the pepper.

Once that is done you’ll add frozen, riced cauliflower to the mix and let it simmer a for a minute or two, not long because it will cook in the oven and the sauce is already hot.

After that’s simmered and the pepper is partially cooked, pull the pepper out of the oven and add mozzarella to the bottom. Put the Tikka masala mix in the pepper. Top it with cheese. Throw it back into the oven for another 15 minutes to melt the cheese.


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