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I must say I really love that there is a Keto loving community on wordpress, it makes it really awesome to post and there’s actually people viewing my posts. As I get further into this class I’m taking it’s taking up more and more of my time. I’ve been following my carb cycling, adding and removing high carb days as my weeks fill up and seeing how I feel. It’s made me feel so good even my carb loving boyfriend wants to join in, gotta be the FOMO hitting him, so we’re now doing this together. It’s a lot more fun when I don’t have to cook rice and not get to eat it, haha.

I’ve been batch cooking and making sure there are low carb wraps in the house for him, he’s a sandwich kinda guy. So lunch meat and cheese and bacon are our focuses to help him get on track and on program. His job is decently demanding though, so he’s going to keep a few more carbs in his diet to avoid issues at work.

This weekend was insane for us. We have my his daughter here with us and we helped his sister move. Had to work a lot because end of the month madness given my job in sales. It. was. insane. I’m exhausted but it was well worth it.

As someone who obsesses over the number on the scale I’m going to take a step back from that and focus on the measurements and how I feel in my clothes. So far so good, the measurements are going down as well which is awesome. I still don’t feel deprived of my favorite things and I’ve even found some low carb snacks for those snack-idents that just happen. So, there it all is. I’m still here, I’ll have some more recipes next week for you. It’s been a lot of breakfast lately, because easy and versatile. I’ll be making Philly Cheese stuffed peppers, chicken fried cauliflower rice, and my everything but the kitchen sink salads this upcoming week. Stay tuned!


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