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Meal prep after a high-carb day

Today I hosted brunch so that means it was a high carb day. We stuffed ourselves with strawberries and cream french toast, biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and fruit. It was so delicious and so worth it. So far I’ve found it easy to cycle through my low carb and high carb days so I was super excited to get to prep up my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. For breakfast I’m going with some greek yogurt and berries (12g carbs) and lunch which is a caesar salad with red onion, tomato, cucumber, and parmesan crisps instead of croutons. I mixed lite Olive Garden house dressing and the remaining caesar I had since I was low and it gave it a nice tangy flavor (7g carbs.) I’m in and out of convenience and drug stores so I’ll probably grab a snack from one of those places. I’ll also be cooking a pork tenderloin for dinner since I can make substitute sides to accommodate my boyfriend who isn’t doing carb cycling with me (yet.) I love the no guilt days of getting to carb out and relax; it’s been really helping with my mental health and adjusting to a diet change without obsessing over food.


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