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My Aldi keto haul

I’m a sucker for a good deal, especially when it’s something essential like food. With the recent change in my diet I’ve had to really pay attention to labels, produce, and anything else low carb I can get my hands on. That’s why I love Aldi. They have so many amazing things, and a ton of low carb goodness.

My recent haul from there included: (not pictured) a pot roast kit, (not pictured)slow cooker pot roast sauce, (not pictured) tikka masala sauce, romaine hearts, caesar salad kit, mini cucumbers, roma tomatoes, eggs, parmesan crisps, carnita pork, green bell peppers, lemon garlic pork loin, chicken sausages, full fat plain greek yogurt, low carb wraps, mixed greens, strawberries, cheesy broccoli casserole, cheesy cauliflower casserole, keto cookies, and a loaf of keto bread. Excluding my non-Keto items I spent $80 on food. This will probably last me a week and a half and most of it my boyfriend will eat as well. I have so many meals I can make with those ingredients.

The keto cookies are so good, perfect snack when I want something sweet but guilt free. I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can spend so little and get so much value from there.


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