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What to eat on the road

I do sales, which means I’m in the car. A lot. I have to have low carb snacks available to me to make sure my sugar and metabolism don’t crash.

What I eat on a low-carb day while on the road!

Mornings I have really been loving on yogurt parfaits or breakfast wraps. The parfaits are obviously with plain yogurt, most of the time I use Greek, and top it with 50g of berries. That should come in around 10g of carbs and is a good way to start the day. Or, breakfast wraps. Those are pretty self explanatory but I do really like the Olé Low Carb Wraps. So good and soft, which is hard to find in low carb wraps I’ve found. The wraps are generally 7g of carbs, and then meat and eggs don’t have carbs so you’re looking at 7g of carbs total for breakfast.

If I’m feeling peckish I’ll grab for a cheese stick or some nuts/seeds from one of the stores I supply for. Sometimes I do bring them with me but there are so many options at the store for low carb snacks, pickle chips, salami wrapped cheese stick, salami and cheese out of the prepacked to-go meat and cheese plates. Some really good options out there, even at drug stores.

Lunch has been a salad or a wrap if I didn’t have one in the morning for breakfast. With salads I just throw everything into them that I’ve got on hand and hope for the best. The more low carb toppings the better! I’ve noticed I miss the crunch that croutons provide so I started to either add sunflower kernels or whisps to my salads to give it the texture I want. I LOVE the Olive Garden low calorie house dressing. It’s so good and it’s got cheese in it. When it comes to my wraps I’m all about the condiments! I love a good cream cheese and whole grain mustard spread, cheese spread, a nice chipotle mayo; give them all to me. Then your lunchmeat and your cheese. Make sure you get thinner slices of cheese so it’s rollable and some nice deli meat. Grab it from the deli counter if you can, it’s the best quality. Now throw some red onion and lettuce in there and BOOM, you’ve got a good wrap. The wraps have 7g of carbs in them, most of your other ingredients won’t have carbs so it will come in easily 10g carbs or below.

These are some of the easy things I’ve found that are portable and easily consumed while I’m on the road. I’m not eating and driving, I promise. These are also things that are super fast to make for myself right before I leave for work so it gives me no excuse to eat out while I’m working.


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