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I tried some keto snacks so you don’t have to!

So I’m a snacker. I love sweet and salty things and moderation and I rarely go hand in hand. I really needed to find some delicious snacks I can have during my low carb days that are delicious and not fruit.

Halo Top Banana Cream Pie Keto collection ice cream.

Okay so I had really really high hopes for this ice cream. I used to live and die by Halo Top and was really hoping for a home run. I was SUPER disappointed. It looked good, smelled okay, but the texture. It was dry and crumbly and gritty. SUCH A LET DOWN. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and tried again. Nope, no different.


Quest Double Chocolate Keto Cookie

I love a good cookie. A lot of packaged cookies really don’t hit the mark. If I was judging it as a cookie, it’s okay. It was soft, good amount of chocolate flavor and big chocolate chips. If I’m judging it as a protein cookie like it is, it was wonderful. Most protein based things are gritty and hard to chew, this cookie is not. I wouldn’t eat them all the time but definitely better than the ice cream.



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